Past Presidents

Year(s) President
1980-1982 Prof Bryan Womersley, University of Adelaide
1982-1983 Dr David Mitchell
1983-1986 Dr Murray Parsons, Landcare Research, NZ
1986-1988 Dr Elise Wollaston, University of Adelaide
1988-1991 Dr Robert King, University of NSW
1991-1994 Dr Margaret Clayton, Monash University
1994-1997 Dr John Huisman, Western Australian Herbarium
1997-2000 Prof Di Walker, University of Western Australia
2000-2002 Dr Wendy Nelson, NIWA NZ
2002-2004 Mr Phillip Orr
2004-2007 Assoc Prof John Beardall, Monash University
2007 Dr Lindsey White, University of Auckland
2008-2012 Dr Alecia Bellgrove, Deakin University
2012-2014 Dr Judy Sutherland, University of Auckland
2014-Present Dr Joe Zuccarello