ASPAB Blog Post Submission Guidelines

Who can submit an article?

Any member of ASPAB can submit an article as well as researchers, academics, students, industry experts and NGOs in fields related to phycology and aquatic biology. 


What are we looking for?

Original content about research activity in the topic areas of microalgae, seagrasses, seaweeds & their associated phycospheres & microbiomes. This includes but is not limited to articles on project updates, mini-reviews, major findings & research papers, meetings & social activities, book reviews, technology & equipment reviews.


How should I format my article?
  • Microsoft Word or Libre Office Document

  • Length 250 to 1500 words

  • Plain font, size 10 or 12

  • Bold, italic, underline format & hyperlinks are welcome

  • Superscript and subscript are currently not supported

  • Images should be 1000 x 1000 pixels or less in size and submitted as .png or .jpeg files only. We recommend 2 images but allow up to 4

  • In-text citations should be used for references

  • Reference list can be formatted using any scientific referencing style but must be consistent

  • Title should be no more than 100 characters

What else should I include?
  • Author details including name, title & affiliations

  • OPTIONAL Additional author details including contact email, 25-word role/professional description and headshot

  • Captions and credits for all images

  • 1-3 sentence synopsis for website, email list and social media promotion

  • OPTIONAL Personal & professional social media accounts for tagging & suggested hashtags 


How do I submit my article?

Send your article to the editors via email at


When will I see my article online?

Your article will be posted on the ASPAB website and promoted via the ASPAB email list & social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) pages 1-2 weeks after being accepted, unless specified by the editors.