Significant Developments in ASPAB History

Year Event
1980 ASPAB formerly established
1981 Introduction of Travel Awards for student members
1983 Introduction of Student Prize awarded for the best presentation at an ASPAB conference.
1984 Exec Committee decided on a NZ bank account
1985 Founder members of FASTS which was established in October 1985
1987 Design by Meredie Giffen, Faculty of Arts Design & Applied Science, South Australian College of Advanced Education was chosen as the ASPAB logo. The logo is a circle within which sits a stylised stem of Amphibolis antarctica with the epiphyte Dicranema revolutum.
1992 Algal Flora of Australia series supported by ABRS
1994 Life memberships were introduced with Bryan Womersley awarded first.
1995 Publication of Seaweeds of New Zealand supported by ASPAB
1997 Introduction of International Travel Grants for student members.
2001 ASPAB became incorporated on 30 Oct 2001.
2008 Introduction ASPAB-list: email list for improving communication amongst membership
2009 Introduction of publication prize: ASPAB Prize for Publication Excellence