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ASPAB Membership is available for anybody with an interest in any aspect of phycology and aquatic botany.

ASPAB has two chapters. Australian members belong to the Australian Chapter and are affiliated with FASTS (Federation of Australian Scientific and Technological Societies). All other members belong to the New Zealand Chapter. The separation is for administrative purposes only as the Society operates as a single organisation.

Student Membership

Students are an integral part of our society and to encourage students to join, special discounted membership rates apply to student members. Additional financial benefits to student membership include:​

  • Discounted registration fees for annual conferences;
  • Travel awards to assist with attendance at national and international conferences;
  • Poster and oral presentation prizes at annual conferences;
  • Publication prize for the best publication by a student member.

Membership Forms

Membership is based on the financial year (1 July – 30 June) and is renewed annually on 1 July. To join, please fill out one of the forms below and email to relevant chapter membership managers, listed below. Renewing members only need to complete a form if their contact details have changed.

ASPAB Australia Membership Renewal

Please email to Niki Travell (

ASPAB New Zealand Membership Renewal

Please email to Joe Zuccarello (


Fees are paid in Australian dollars (AUD) for the Australian Chapter and in New Zealand dollars (NZD) for the New Zealand Chapter. Membership fees are as follows:

  Australia New Zealand
Full Members AU$ 50 NZ$ 50
Student Members AU$ 25 NZ$ 25
Retired Members AU$ 25 NZ$ 25

The preferred method of payment is by direct (electronic) transfer. When transferring please include your name as a lodgement reference and advise the Treasurer by e-mail with payment details.

Mailing List

ASPAB has an email list, ASPAB-list, which we recommend all members subscribe to. This is used to distribute the Society newsletters, for the committee to communicate with members, and for members to communicate with one another. This is a low volume list and will not clutter up your inbox.

To subscribe to, or unsubscribe from ASPAB-list, please visit: